Posted on May 03, 2018

On Thursday, 3rd May Ms. Paula-Maria Hospedales-Bosland presented to the Rotary Club of West Nassau (RCWN). Ms. Hospedales-Bosland is the current Secretary of REACH Bahamas. 


REACH stands for 'Resources & Education for Autism & related Challenges'. 


Ms. Hospedales-Bosland educated the club on what autism actually is and shared some of the challenges faced by young persons with autism, inclusive of misdiagnosis, 'missed' diagnosis, lack of facilities, lack of trained professionals to deal with their needs and a general lack of understanding of the condition by the general public.


Despite these challenges, Ms. Hospedales-Bosland also shared some of the positive assistance that organisations such as Rotaract have provided REACH in the past. She also told RCWN how they can get involved, particularly with respect to the organisation's summer programme.


After her presentation, 2nd VP Dr. Carlton Watson thanked Ms. Hospedales-Bosland for her informative and impassioned presentation.


The luncheon was held at the Poop Deck at Sandyport.